How Have Customer Expectations For Product Variety Impacted The Success Of Online Ordering Systems For Groceries?

The online purchase of clothing, cosmetics, books and electronic products has been. To begin with, the research revealed that 80% of customers now consider that the experience offered by a company is as important as its products and services. These new categories attract new customer segments, increase the average value of orders and allow deliveries to be stacked to help maximize the efficiency of each shipment. Fast Commerce Grocery helps grocery brands provide consumers with an exceptional online shopping experience.

This report analyzes the key findings of this research and provides impactful, data-based measures that grocery brands and retailers can take to better attract and convert grocery shoppers, both online and in stores. When asked where they had purchased grocery items online, more than half (65%) said they had ordered pickup or delivery at a traditional supermarket or large store. Delivery platforms will need to develop how they harness customer data to improve the user experience and find innovative ways to reduce the costs associated with delivery. It’s also worth noting that a third (34%) of online grocery shoppers use more than one online grocery service.

Grocery retailers get support for the inventories found in each store, offer multiple delivery and fulfillment options, and benefit from product configurations specific to each supermarket, among other unique features.

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